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Welcome to ColdPhoenix, a community for poets, writers, and fans of the like. While poetry is the main focus of this page, we also welcome people to post original artwork, fiction, and so on, especially that geared towards fantasy, horror and other things beyond the realm of the conventional. We welcome posting by anyone. We request that you place your writings behind an LJ cut, if they are more than a half page long. A link explaining LJ Cuts is contained in this information section. Adult themed submissions are fine as well, just please make a note of it in the post.

ColdPhoenix also strives to be a community for writers and creative people of all sorts to seek the advice of their fellow members. Please feel free to post questions and ask for guidance for writing issues. Along those lines, we also encourage the posting of works in progress you want some feedback on, but would ask that you note it as a work in progress in the main body of the post.

All work is copyrighted to the posting author, unless the author states otherwise. Please do not copy and repost an author's work without their prior consent.

Your moderators here are terrorandpoetry and sirwingate. Please feel free to contact either of them at the above listed e-mail address if you have any questions.

Please keep all feedback, positive or negative, constructive and mature.

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