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A Poetry Challenge Community

Hi guys. I'm new to this community. Lately I've been trying to overcome severe Writer's Block, so I've been looking to join other poetry communities in hopes to get my Muse back from vacation. ^_^ I've managed to write a couple poems in the past couple days (my first since October of '05).

But, if it's ok, I was also kinda hoping to get people to check out the community I made a couple days ago called poetry_harbor. It's a poetry challenge community that was inspired by the writing challenges that go on at The Starlite Cafe. I would love it if people would come check it out. Basically, to start it off, I'd set a challenge phrase which would have to appear in the body of the poem and/or the title, the challenge would go 1 or 2 weeks, at the end of which I'd pick the winning entry whose author would host the next challenge and who would pick the next challenge phrase and who would pick a winner after that, and so on, and so on. It's a lot of fun at The Starlite Cafe, so I thought it could be a pretty fun thing for LJ too.

I only started this comm a couple days ago and I need at least 10 people to join before I'll start the first challenge.

If this post was in any way inappropriate, I very much apologize. I'm not trying to steal people or anything. But if this post was not appropriate, I understand and will delete it if it offends anyone.
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