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your almost gone & i don´t want to feel your dependence
1/4 of you & soon there will be none
you invaded my body for far to long
6 years to be exact, intoxicated me internally & externally
leaving me numb
i do not believe you made me cry less & lifted my thoughts
it was my own will & my own fate
that let me throw you down the sink
& now as i think afar i know that i never really ever needed you at all
you poisoned me with stolen thoughts & stolen dreams
& never really comforted me as it seems
when you are gone, i hope you rid my body of your depth
& do not pollute my internal organs with disease
you took over my body & thought you could control it
but you were wrong
& now that i no longer weep as often as i did before
i know that you soon will be far gone
because in that midst of that emptiness i felt for all those years
i know you no longer need me, i know i no longer need you
so depart as a stranger & not as a friend because that is
something that you never were
& now that i feel at ease, do not come back to haunt me please
because forever in my dreams, life is exactly as it seems
& you will no longer be here to taunt me, & i will no longer call
your name
because in my thoughts you are dead, & that is how it was meant
to end, my dear non-friend

p.s. if your going to write me sour comments about this post don´t even bother;)

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