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Cold Phoenix- A Community for Poets' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cold Phoenix- A Community for Poets

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A Poetry Challenge Community [11 May 2006|09:53pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi guys. I'm new to this community. Lately I've been trying to overcome severe Writer's Block, so I've been looking to join other poetry communities in hopes to get my Muse back from vacation. ^_^ I've managed to write a couple poems in the past couple days (my first since October of '05).

But, if it's ok, I was also kinda hoping to get people to check out the community I made a couple days ago called poetry_harbor. It's a poetry challenge community that was inspired by the writing challenges that go on at The Starlite Cafe. I would love it if people would come check it out. Basically, to start it off, I'd set a challenge phrase which would have to appear in the body of the poem and/or the title, the challenge would go 1 or 2 weeks, at the end of which I'd pick the winning entry whose author would host the next challenge and who would pick the next challenge phrase and who would pick a winner after that, and so on, and so on. It's a lot of fun at The Starlite Cafe, so I thought it could be a pretty fun thing for LJ too.

I only started this comm a couple days ago and I need at least 10 people to join before I'll start the first challenge.

If this post was in any way inappropriate, I very much apologize. I'm not trying to steal people or anything. But if this post was not appropriate, I understand and will delete it if it offends anyone.

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II. [09 May 2006|03:38pm]

Circle A

The evening broke into night.
And I am the one
who waits patiently outside your window.

Before the light,
I have your heart in my hands
and meet the winds
of my escape.

Soon, you knock at my door,
as am I, with our
theiving hands.

with our gaping holes.

your place my organ in your chest;
while I do the same with yours.

At once, theiving hands clasp, in mutual ownership.
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A LOVELY DAY [03 Nov 2005|06:25pm]

(T. Beechey)

A LOVELY DAYCollapse )
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SHIT-EATING GRIN [01 Nov 2005|08:58pm]

(T. Beechey)

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MEDICATION X. [30 Sep 2005|05:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


your almost gone & i don´t want to feel your dependence
1/4 of you & soon there will be none
you invaded my body for far to long
6 years to be exact, intoxicated me internally & externally
leaving me numb
i do not believe you made me cry less & lifted my thoughts
it was my own will & my own fate
that let me throw you down the sink
& now as i think afar i know that i never really ever needed you at all
you poisoned me with stolen thoughts & stolen dreams
& never really comforted me as it seems
when you are gone, i hope you rid my body of your depth
& do not pollute my internal organs with disease
you took over my body & thought you could control it
but you were wrong
& now that i no longer weep as often as i did before
i know that you soon will be far gone
because in that midst of that emptiness i felt for all those years
i know you no longer need me, i know i no longer need you
so depart as a stranger & not as a friend because that is
something that you never were
& now that i feel at ease, do not come back to haunt me please
because forever in my dreams, life is exactly as it seems
& you will no longer be here to taunt me, & i will no longer call
your name
because in my thoughts you are dead, & that is how it was meant
to end, my dear non-friend

p.s. if your going to write me sour comments about this post don´t even bother;)

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GLIMPSES WITHIN [30 Sep 2005|02:43am]

(T. Beechey)

GLIMPSES WITHINCollapse )</lj-cut?
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THE STILL AUTUMN AIR [28 Sep 2005|03:04am]

(T. Beechey)

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TIME [26 Sep 2005|03:02pm]

(T. Beechey)

TIMECollapse )
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[19 Sep 2005|06:13am]

Does anyone have any quotes about phonenixes? I am working on a piece and wanted to do some background work. Thanks!
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THE GREATEST FEAR [18 Sep 2005|10:29am]

(T. Beechey)

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I'm a bad mod. [04 Sep 2005|08:58pm]
Woo. new email for the community


any questions or comments email there.!
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that which does dissolve [04 Sep 2005|05:33am]

when that which first caught my heart's true desire
goes out as a flame of life
that soul that is within me still
dies at the loss of them

oh how can love concure all
when love rests in the earth
my heart it screamed as that which was
my life's reasoning vanished under my very feet

that which will dissolve and die
is not of a durrable thing
for the love of them shalt not be felt
as i will live on and feel my misery

death it comes and what can love do?
but to stand aside and cry
the memory of the heart lives on
while the soul dies by and by

we bargain with death we bargain with life
we bargan with God and devil
we cry out in pain and also in vain to
"bring back my heart's soul again!"

though try as we may there isn't a way
to return them from that place
the heart it breaks and the soul it takes
its flight and leaves us all

heaven's embrace or hell's darkest space
the difference to a broken heart is none
the soul escapes to a forgotten place
for that which dissolves is done

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WINDOWS [31 Jul 2005|10:36am]

(T. Beechey)

From my window,I can see you lost in each other's gazes
In the midst of the hazes brought on by passion's blazes
From your window,can you see me before a shattered mirror
Cause the image which appeared bore a figure that was clearer
Long ago?

From my window,I can see you living out your story
Basking in the glory of never needing to be sorry
From your window,can you see me lost in a sea of doubt
Wondering what life's about in a world now without
Your glow?

Myself in the window no longer bears reflection
While the lines of your shadow point in each direction
Yet I can't turn aside,ever hopeful for a glance
Of the stemming of the tide of romance

From my window,I can see you in the arms of another
Secure in the love for this moment you've discovered
From your window,can you see me with head bent and kneeling
In search of a healing from this overwhelming feeling
Of shame?

From my window,I can see you dancing in the moonlight
Silohuetted in the twilight and everything is all right
From your window,can you see me as my spirit's slowly dulling
With teardrops steadily falling and each one calling
Out your name?
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FOREVER [30 Jul 2005|04:07am]

(T. Beechey)

Forever exists until memories fade
And the shades are drawn and even then
When just a solitary thought
In time is caught,it begins again

Forever is neither here nor there,
It's everywhere and nowhere at all
Yet,somewhere we fall in the middle
And,little by little,we begin to dull

Till we all become part of forever
Never changing,but seldom the same
Name or circumstance doesn't divide us
For they're inside us to feed the flame

There is no beginning,there is no end
Only chance to mend what's fallen before
As through the door we quickly pass
Into the looking glass of nevermore

Forever exists in a dream selected
From those reflected in sightless eyes
And nothing dies for we're all as one
Just as we've begun until spirits rise
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LIFESTORMS [22 Jul 2005|03:44am]

(T. Beechey)

As you watch stormclouds gather,do not hide but rather marvel
At the carnival of rapture not to capture but behold
Unfolding by the season without reason,yet a sign
To define our very purpose,it is for us to be told

Yes,the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could

Why we are and who we're being,what we're seeing that's unreal
How to feel as souls are numbing and becoming who we can
To unveil the plan for seeking for the weak and for the moghty
An idea that shall unify the brotherhood of man

It's a concept held by many,but are any truly looking?
Have we took our final glances and are chances now denied?
Don't hide from the forming of stormclouds,they are with us
To deliver us a message we had best not turn aside

And the message in the thunder is be one with all around us
While sounds of falling raindrops swaps bad thoughts for good
Should you ever see the lightning,it's inviting all to listen
To the glisten of the rainbow for it knows what no one could
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[15 Jul 2005|01:53pm]

(T. Beechey)

So unworthy of love,way beyond my feeble reaching
It's teaching me a lesson I'm confessing I don't want
The blunt message for me brings stormy overcasting
Lasting till forever --- I never chose to confront

I'm doomed to seclusion,my intrusion is forbidden
Must stay hidden from the masses as time passes by
Reasons why do not matter,all defenses shatter inward
All that's heard and forgotten is an ill-begotten cry

It's my destiny to follow in the hollow misgivings
That living has showed me on this road of endless ends
Where no one spends a second unless beckoned in their youth
Sometimes truth is no answer,just a chance for further bends

Why was I chosen? No one knows,no one questions
Suggestions meekly fall in dull and deafened ears
Still the years keep increasing,never ceasing in climbing
The timing's in rhythm with slim hopes and shedded tears

So,I stay along the course and I force myself to chuckle
While I buckle in and under the sheer wonder of it all
And,as I fall,there is laughter from rafter to valley
I'm a tally on a scoreboard faced toward a barren wall

That's the fate that's awaiting,no sense stating objection
The rejection is as certain as a curtained draw of breath
Whether or not,it is coming --- the humming's now a rumble
Soon I'll tumble pure and simple through the dimpled smile of death
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HERE WITHIN YOUR SHADOW [17 Jun 2005|03:05am]

(T. Beechey)

Here within your shadow
Is where I choose to dwell
It's the only place I know
That words can never tell
I wish I could stay forever
But I know the day shall come
When the ties between us sever
And we return to where we're from

Here within your shadow
Is now a home to me
As I bask within the warm glow
Of your sincerity
If I had a million chances
I would never seek to leave
Cause I've discovered what enhances
My reason to believe

All my life I've wondered
What my existence meant
As the rolling clouds thundered
Over everywhere I went
Till,finally,I found reason
In the shadow of your soul
Where the echoes of each season
Resonate and make me whole

And,until then,I'll remain here
With a smile upon my face
With not a drop of rain near
This sacred,hallowed place
Here within your shadow
Is just where I belong
And the day that I must go
Is the day when life is wrong
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[19 May 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | productive ]

As Mod, I've slacked off quite a bit recently.

I think I need to step things up a bit in here, I will be revamping the site, as well as making several posts within the next couple of days. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling for the other members on the list to post stuff or comment on other posts.

If you have any suggestions or questions, comment and let me know.

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WINGS [28 Apr 2005|07:57pm]

(T. Beechey)

There was a boy who yearned to fly and,for hours,he'd watch the birds in the sky
And one could tell by his eye's gleam that some way,someday he would realize his dream
From his body he sprouted wings --- beautiful,gorgeous,spectacular things
With the colors of a thousand springs and all the splendor which nature brings
And they spanned the entire world,shielding all from rains as they unfurled
And,as they were drawn and curled,the color trails swooped and swirled

First,he leapt into the wind but,from this plan,he chose to rescind
So he kept the wind to his back,but all he knew faded to black
He tried to take off on a run,but grew entangled in the rays of the sun
Finally,he tried just staying still and remained just that way until...

He gazed once more at the beauty he found within the sky,then looked around
At what to him was now a cell from which he would eternally dwell
And so his wings began to rot,his dreams of flight were no longer a thought
The colors,once brilliant,began to dull...leaving behind nothing at all

He watched as others took his place and soared above with glamour and grace
And,to each one,he wished them well as he awaited the tolling of the bell
For that was all that remained,now indelibly ingrained
Upon his soul to bear the shame,upon the stone to bear his name

So,he watched as the world passed him by without a glance to his tear-stained eye
And,when came the time for him to die ---- since no one cared,no one asked why
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SOMEWHERE IT IS WRITTEN [13 Apr 2005|02:09am]

(T. Beechey)

Somewhere it is written,it's anyone's guess
Perhaps by one who wished more and found less
That those who stand in the pouring rain
Seeking a hand only search in vain.

To those who seek shelter in the open air
And continue to swelter when the sun isn't there
To those who awaken to silent screams
Visibly shaken by violent dreams
To those in search of the fruit of life
Only to find the tip of the knife
To those whose visions steadily dim
Till all that left is the top of the rim

Somewhere it is written,in between the lines
Which seldom fit in with the designs
That all that is given is barely received
And all that is taken is rarely believed.

To those who see shadow without hint of light
And a chilled wind blows in the day and night
To those who seek joy in a bottomless glass
And,through brittled hands,all does pass
To those to which time has been unkind
To those who are free yet still confined
To those whose flames have dwindled to embers
And no one,even them,even remembers...

Somewhere it is written,no one knows where
Perhaps by a mitten on the frosted air
That all that is spoken goes forever unheard
And becomes a token to a mislaid word.
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