kim (angelic_poems) wrote in coldphoenix,

that which does dissolve

when that which first caught my heart's true desire
goes out as a flame of life
that soul that is within me still
dies at the loss of them

oh how can love concure all
when love rests in the earth
my heart it screamed as that which was
my life's reasoning vanished under my very feet

that which will dissolve and die
is not of a durrable thing
for the love of them shalt not be felt
as i will live on and feel my misery

death it comes and what can love do?
but to stand aside and cry
the memory of the heart lives on
while the soul dies by and by

we bargain with death we bargain with life
we bargan with God and devil
we cry out in pain and also in vain to
"bring back my heart's soul again!"

though try as we may there isn't a way
to return them from that place
the heart it breaks and the soul it takes
its flight and leaves us all

heaven's embrace or hell's darkest space
the difference to a broken heart is none
the soul escapes to a forgotten place
for that which dissolves is done

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